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Discover Kolhapur

Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur

Mahalaxmi Temple, one in each of the looking attractions of Kolhapur, could be a vast shrine dedicated to Mahalaxmi, the divinity of prosperity. This temple was inbuilt the seventh century by King Karandev of the Chalukya folk. Housing the most hall and 5 towers, the temple displays Hemadpanthi sculpture architectural

Bhavani Mandap Kolhapur

Bhavani Mandap

Bhavani Mandap, conjointly called the glory of the town, is one in all the largest and therefore the oldest structures set in Kolhapur. it had been designed during the period 1785 to 1800 by Shivaji Maharaj II, the ruler of Kolhapur. Earlier, Bhavani Mandap had fourteen squares but, in 1813 when the invasion of the Muslim ruler

Jyotiba Temple Kolhapur

Jyotiba Temple was made by Navajisaya in 1730 and is devoted to Lord Jyotiba. Jyotiba is taken into account to be an incarnation of 3 main gods, Mahesh, Vishnu, and Brahma. consistent with Indian Mythology, Jyotiba is believed to own helped Mahalaxmi to fight against Ratnasur, who was a demon.

Rankala Lake Kolhapur

Kolhapur is usually most well-liked by travelers. The go-to destination for sorts of travelers, be it family, kids, and couples. Kolhapur is, however, largely most popular by Family. the simplest season or months to go to places in Kolhapur area unit Feb, March, April, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Panhala Fort Kolhapur

Panhala is one in all the gorgeous cities situated within the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra. Panhala is the smallest town within the state. typically stated as Municipal Council, the town is found within the fort, which offers a stunning read of the valley. Panhala has contacted a locality of 390 acres and is set at an altitude