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Hotel Vrishali stands out from all the other hotels as this beautiful and amazing hotel is known for hosting a perfect stay along with the best hospitality. This hotel gives immense pleasure, relaxation, and memories. We strive to make each visit more pleasurable and memorable for all our guests.

Our hotel is here to welcome you with wholehearted. We would want to help us serve you the best stay possible. Hotel Vrishali is 6 mins (2.2 Km) away from Kolhapur Railway Station, 5 mins (2.1 Km) from Kolhapur Bus Stand, and 17 mins (8.9 Km) away from Kolhapur Airport.

Our hotel is worth the visit as our hotel follows the ancient beliefs when it comes to serving our guests with a blend of modernity. Lavish rooms, elegance, and grandeur is a way of living here. Our acclaimed butler service and Key concierges attend to all personal requirements, ensuring bespoke experiences are easily and effortlessly arranged.

Hotel Vrishali not only looks after the leisure travelers but also looks after the business travelers as we make sure that their privacy as you would want to work uninterrupted and also look after your business needs. You can rely on us for setting up the best ambiance and all the requirements.

Hotel Vrishali strives to provide the best service to all our guests for an incredible and memorable experience. We would love for you to come and let us host you a stay that isn’t experienced before. We have conquered many hearts by being very hospitable and we would want to you also be a part of this family.