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Panhala Fort Kolhapur

Panhala Fort

Panhala is one in all the gorgeous cities situated within the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra. Panhala is the smallest town within the state. typically stated as Municipal Council, the town is found within the fort, which offers a stunning read of the valley. Panhala has contacted a locality of 390 acres and is set at an altitude of 977.2 meters.

The history of the destination dates back to 1191-92, the proof of that lies during a copper plate found in Satara. It depicts that Panhala was the seat of Silahara Bhoja Raja II. Panhala was additionally dominated by the Adil Shahi folk of Bijapur in 1489. Moreover, the inscriptions supported within the Panhala Fort check with the reign of Ibrahim Adil Shah.

Panhala Fort

One of the main attractions situated within the region of Panhala is that the Panhala Fort that accustomed be a really important place within the Maratha Empire. This same to be the same spot wherever Raja Bhoj II extended his empire towards the fort. it's additionally the same that the nice Maratha ruler Shivaji stayed here for quite a year.

Largest of all the Deccan forts, the Panhala Fort is alleged to be in-built between the year 1178 to 1209 AD. The wall of the fort is of triangular form and is about seven kilometers long with a Dargah on the left aspect of the fort that's painted in white and inexperienced. The 3 gates resulting in the central grounds of the fort have completely different inscriptions on them.

The third gate consists of Lord Hanuman and a lotus inscribed thereon whereas the second gate consists of Lord Ganesh alongside 2 lions. the primary gate of the fort consists of a block with inscriptions in Persian of that of Adil Shah. There area unit many ruined monuments gift at intervals the fort.