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Jyotiba Temple Kolhapur

Jyotiba Temple

Jyotiba Temple was made by Navajisaya in 1730 and is devoted to Lord Jyotiba. Jyotiba is taken into account to be an incarnation of 3 main gods, Mahesh, Vishnu, and Brahma. consistent with Indian Mythology, Jyotiba is believed to own helped Mahalaxmi to fight against Ratnasur, who was a demon.

Tourists value more highly to visit this temple throughout the big truthful that's control within the full moon days of Vaishakh and Chaitra per annum. Jyotiba Temple is set at a distance of seventeen kilometers from Kolhapur and is found at an elevation of three,100 ft higher than sea level in gully Ratnagiri.

Jyotiba Temple

Best Time to go to Kolhapur

Kolhapur could be a place one will visit throughout any time of the year, aside from the height summer months of April and should. This town is found within the south-western a part of Maharashtra and is one in all the fastest-growing cities within the state. Also, this region's per capita financial gain is among the very best ones within the country.