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Bhavani Mandap Kolhapur

Bhavani Mandap

Bhavani Mandap, conjointly called the glory of the town, is one in all the largest and therefore the oldest structures set in Kolhapur. it had been designed during the period 1785 to 1800 by Shivaji Maharaj II, the ruler of Kolhapur. Earlier, Bhavani Mandap had fourteen squares but, in 1813 when the invasion of the Muslim ruler Saadat Khan, seven squares were destroyed.

Travelers visiting Bhavani Mandap may also explore a far-famed temple of deity Bhavani, that is set in its center. moreover, the location attracts tourists for its stunning room and varied gildings like Zumbur, a cluster of lights. the doorway hall has an idol of Shahu Maharaj, that is that the main attraction of the mandap.

Bhavani Mandap

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The best time to go to Kolhapur is throughout the month of August and December because the climate is incredibly chill and pleasant. when the season the climate is incredibly peaceful and verdure. you'll create a visit by staying at building Vrishali because it is the best hotel in Kolhapur.